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3rd Offense DUI in Las Vegas

A 3rd offense DUI charge in Las Vegas (within 7 years of your first DUI offense) is no longer a misdemeanor. A 3rd DUI charge is elevated to a felony and could lead to the following penalties if convicted:


  • A state prison sentence of a minimum 1 year period and maximum 6 year period

  • Fines of no less than $2,000 and not to exceed $5,000 as well as additional fees and assessments

  • Revocation of drivers license for 3 to 5 years

  • Must attend the Victim Impact Panel

  • Must install Ignition Interlock Device on any vehicle you own or operate for no less than 1 year and no more than 36 months upon release from prison

  • Must complete 8-hour DUI school or substance abuse program


In addition to the court ordered penalties mentioned above, a felony DUI conviction can increase insurance premiums and negatively effect future employment opportunities. A 3rd DUI Offense in Las Vegas is a serious charge and requires a serious attorney to represent you. Do not face these charges alone.



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