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Arrested for Drug Manufacturing in Nevada?

The production of drugs is a serious offense that can result in severe penalties. In a criminal setting, drug manufacturing occurs when an individual participates in any part of the drug production process – this can include those who sell the materials, equipment, or simply offer to help make the drugs.

If you’re facing charges for drug manufacturing, you cannot put your liberties in the hands of a mediocre defense. At Turco Law, we put our intelligence and experience to hard work and build a defense that aims to safeguard your future. In some drug crime cases, I am able to recommend rehabilitation programs as a punishment instead of a prison sentence.

Contact Turco Law today at (702) 381-6590 to begin building your defense today.

What penalties am I facing?

As with most drug crimes, the severity of your punishment depends on the nature of the crime. The law will take into account the type of drug you were manufacturing and the amount that was being produced. Drugs are often classified in one of five schedules – schedule I includes drugs that pose no imminent threat or abuse risk, and schedule V are drugs that are extremely dangerous and are at a high risk of abuse and addiction.

If convicted, penalties for drug manufacturing can include:

  • Up to 6 years in prison

  • $100,000 in fines


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