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     I.Criminal Matter


I have handled over 2,000 DUI cases here in Las Vegas. I get outstanding results for my clients.


  • At your first appointment you tell me about your case.

  • I appear for you at your first court date, you do not need to appear.

  • I plead not guilty for you and get the police report.

  • I then set your trial or preliminary hearing (if a felony).

  • I read and review the police report looking for all of your defenses and police errors.

  • We discuss your case and prepare for trial.

  • You attend the trial date with me, if I can negotiate a dismissal or a reduction that meets your satisfaction we will enter that agreement.

  • If we are unable to come to a negotiation that you find satisfactory we will have a trial at that time.


      II.Driver License Matter


We fight for your right to drive. There is a second part to a DUI. It’s your right to

drive in Nevada.


  • Once you hire our office we will arrange for you to get a temporary unrestricted driver’s license so you may continue driving.

  • We will then set a DMV hearing.

  • We will attend the hearing and defend your right to drive. You do not need to attend.

  • The judge will send a written decision to both you and our office explaining the decision.   

What are the Penalties for a DUI in Nevada?

Penalties for driving under the influence vary from state to state. Here in Nevada, if found to have a concentration of alcohol in your blood or on your breath of 0.08 or higher, possible penalties you will face include:


  • A minimum of 2 days to a maximum of 6 months in jail

  • At least 96 hours of community service

  • A fine between $400 to $1200, plus additional fees and assessments

  • A completion of an approved 8-hour DUI school, at your own cost, or a substance abuse program

  • Required attendance at a drunk driving Victim’s Impact Panel

  • Installation of Ignition Interlock Device (IID) for 3 to 6 months


If it is found that the concentration of alcohol in your blood or breath was .18% or higher, penalties could be more severe. The court may order you to install an IID in your vehicle for 12 to 36 months and require you to attend a program of treatment for the abuse of alcohol or drugs.


Additionally, the DMV may revoke or suspend your license for at least 90 days and impose a $35 civil penalty. After 45 days, it is possible for you to apply for a restricted license that allows you to drive to and from work.


Being charged with a DUI in Las Vegas is a serious situation and should not be taken lightly. Having an experienced attorney is critical.



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