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Burglary Charges: Penalties

When convicted of burglary, it is important to know your rights and to be represented by and experienced attorney.

Here are a few of the consequences associated with burglary in the state of Nevada: NRS 205.067 provides the definition for home invasion. This charge carries with it a minimum incarceration of one year and a maximum incarceration of 10 years.

In addition, a person who has been previously convicted of a burglary or home invasion will not be released on probation or granted a suspension of a sentence.

The NRS goes further to include simply carrying instruments that could be used in a burglary or a home invasion and has reason enough to charge an individual with a crime.

The maximum penalty for burglary is 15 years while the minimum penalty is a gross misdemeanor.

Sentencing can be complicated and stricter if a gun is involved, increasing the punishment by 5 years.

Likewise, if explosives are used during the act, the sentence involves the same possible increase.


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